Kim Kopec

It’s All About “The Moment”

When I can deliver "the moment" to a client, my job is complete. But what exactly does that entail?

There are two reasons why I do what I do.

  1. I’m damn good at it.
  2. The moment.

It has taken me about a decade to be confident in saying “I’m damn good” at this job. I’ve made a ton of mistakes, wanted to give up more than once, have cried actual tears, and felt like an imposter. The optimist in me would instead say I’ve learned a lot, persevered, shed some stress, and realized my true value, potential, and worth. We’ll stick with that.

Somewhere along the journey I had far less questions, and the table flipped. I became one that others asked for help and insight! That’s because I always surrounded myself with people who were smarter than me, and helped me. I listened, watched, grew, and learned. And now, I give back.

But, “the moment.” That’s why I do what I do.

The moment happens when you’ve taken all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together in a beautiful package that you present to your client – the logo, the content, the images, the flow, the extra design touches, the feel. And… the newly inspired CONFIDENCE.


The moment they see a true representation of their business and personality.


The moment they can’t wait to open the doors on their new venture because their identity is solid and legit.


The moment they get excited and inspired again.


The moment they know that someone else gets them.


The moment they know their audience can finally connect with them.


The moment is why my niche is working with women-owned and managed businesses. Because the moment doesn’t happen for everyone. I doubt the global plastics company guy had the moment when I presented him with their new website! LOL (He was happy though!)

Women put their heart, soul, and full-on birthing capabilities into running a business that nurtures their spirit, brings them joy, and provides for their family. A doctor. A boutique owner. A coach. A creative. An author. A speaker. You.

I’ve frequently had the opportunity to see women go from overwhelmed and frustrated with their online presence to confident and excited about their business again. And what a gift it is to ME, to be able to give the moment to someone else. I’m kind of addicted to that feeling.

There has always been a very independent spirit tucked inside of me which is why I resonate with entrepreneurs. Also, I’m a marketer at heart. Makeovers are my specialty. Let’s get people to see the real you and why your business has something amazing to offer. Let’s peel back the layers and reveal what makes you or your product awesome.

I am one of the lucky ones. I get to be my own boss and have a job that I LOVE with all my heart. Somehow the stars aligned and all the experiences I’ve had in my working life culminated into a successful business. What started as a part-time side hustle for some fun money has surpassed my wildest dreams. I’m having my moment and I wouldn’t change a thing.